Weird Whale

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Weird Whale (이상한고래)
*Available on Google Play Store Now

A Weird Whale and a girl started their journey in Very Weird World.
Be the Whale, and Adjust Your Column to Protect Her!
(LEFT : ↓ RIGHT : ↑)

Weird Whale Jumps when a Stair Appears.
Look the Stairs Well and Predict Whale’s Movement!

• Somehow Attractive Weird World!
• A Walking Whale of Great Charm in Weird World!
• Cute Characters and their Good Chemistry!
• Collect Various Skins by Riceballs!
• Very Simple Play and Good Time Killing!

MODAKIN is a very small game studio.
If you find some bugs or problems, please let us know whenever!
We are going to fix them as soon as possible.

*Warning* If you delete application, game play data can be destroyed.



*Sorry, ‘Weird Whale’ download page is not available now
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